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Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar (100g)…
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Give your baby a fresh and clean bath with the Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar.This cleansing bar by Sebamed is specially designed as per the texture of your baby’s tender skin. This Sebamed baby-cleansing bar contains amino acids and Sodium cocoyl glutamate, which helps to keep your baby’s skin soft. On the other hand, the soap free composition of this bath soap does not leave your baby’s skin dry after bathing. The presence of Vitamin E, Sugar insulin for skin and Panthenol, helps to nourish your baby‘s skin and keep it healthy. This Paraben free composition of this soap makes it irritation free.\n\nThis cleaning bar for your baby is 100% free from alkali, which helps to maintain the pH balance of your baby’s skin and moisturises it well. This soap for your baby can be used on a regular basis. The mild soap can be applied on the face and body of your child as it is gentle. If your baby is suffering from rashes, skin problems or has sensitive skin, then you can use this soap freely as it contains skin friendly ingredients. This gentle soap helps to fight your baby’s skin against skin irruptions,rashes and other skin problems without damaging or harming your baby’s skin. Simply take the soap, lather it on your baby’s skin and rinse for a healthier and cleaner feel.\n\nSpecial features\n\nApplicable to sensitive skin\nPresence of Vitamin E, Sugar insulin and Panthenol helps to nourish your baby’s skin\nAlkali free formula maintains the skin’s pH personal care,\nimported baby care products,\nbest quality baby care kit.
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